Massive leaks suggests iPhone 7  Pro dead!

O.M.G. NOT HAPPY!!! Just when we thought we were weeks away from the perfect storm – the release of the biggest and baddest (and yes probably most expensive) iPhone yet, meeting the smallest baddest wireless earbud ever!!! (the smartest buy on the market –, they pull the rug out from underneath us!!!


I have been literally holding my breath for weeks…(beyond blue and turning purple now!) and all I have had for my respirational restraint is the bloody bad news that the “iPhone 7 Pro” will no longer be! That’s right! Apple has decided to cancel would could have been the most power iPhone ever! I mean, isn’t that why we created the most powerful wireless earbuds ever in the first place!!!!


Well according to the amazing Mac Otakara: the ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ is no more. In a new report the Japanese site explains that Apple decided there is no need to (gasp) add a new top of the range model above the iPhone 7 Plus (WTF!!!) and that iPhone 7 will (for some incredulous reason) still use the core iPhone 6 design launched in 2014.

MacRumors further explains that the “iPhone 7 Pro” was really only ever a “backup model” ( again WTF!!) when Apple was unsure it would be able to produce its new dual lens camera in more than enough quantities for the iPhone 7 Plus. This would have seen the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus share the same single lens camera while the iPhone 7 Pro kicked ass with the new lens, but in limited quantities with the upgraded optics.

Now Apple believes manufacturing constraints around the dual lens camera have been resolved so it can be fitted into every iPhone 7 Plus and there is no need to expand the range. And that means no more “Pro” version.

So we get the lens but not all the super duper pro upgrades I was frothing over! There goes my  huge 5.8-inch display and OLED panel!!! At least we can still get Budmi wireless earbuds, but sheesh, way to ruin ones man day! Ouch!

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