Quick Start Guide

#1: Connect charging station using the enclosed micro USB cable into computer USB port or standard wall charger. Blue LED lights will illuminate charge level on top panel.

#2: Seat your Budmi™ earbuds into magnetic contacts of the charging station and place power switch into the ON position. Earbuds will display a blue light when fully charged. Turn off charging station after earbuds are charged to conserve power.

#3: Be sure Bluetooth® signal on your device (i.e. phone) in ON. Clear your Bluetooth® device manager list of any “E1”or ”HT” devices. (Present only if paired to BudmiTM previously.)

#4: Press down on blue Budmi™ logo firmly (preferable close to your ear to hear) until it says “Power On” and then “Pairing”. Release after it says “Pairing”.

#5: Go to your Bluetooth® menu and look for an “E1”or ”HT” device. If “E1”or ”HT” does not appear, scan for Bluetooth devices. Select “E1” or ”HT” when it appears. Your Budmi™ earbud should pair.

#6: Once connected, press the Budmi™ logo firmly (Multi-Function Key) on your second earbud until it says “Power On” and release. In a few seconds it should pair automatically with your first earbud. You do not need to pair the second earbud with your phone.

* Phone calls will be in mono (one earbud) and audio programs will be in stereo (two earbuds).

** REMEMBER, only your first earbud (left or right) is paired with your audio device (for example your phone). The second earbud pairs itself automatically to the first.

*** Earbuds are customizable to your ear using the extra silicone tips and alternative ear hooks.

If you experience any issues, please send an email to admin@budmi.com with your mobile number where we can text you to arrange rapid resolution. Refer to User’s Manual for detailed information.

Budmi™ True Wireless Earbuds